Featured Brand:  Emerging Sustainability Talent Pasithea

Pure London SS19 did a collaboration with CO (Common objective) together they created Pure Conscious, I was delighted by this news, and couldn’t wait to attend! For me there was only one brand that stood out and that was Pasithea, the Indian label launched in early December 2017. The company, only 7 months old (at the time) won the award for Emerging Sustainability Talent. I interviewed the founder Tanya Jain and discovered more about this brand and their commitment to sustainability in Fashion – Pasithea unlike most brands, has the ability to thoroughly monitor their supply chain and operations because production and sourcing takes place Tanya Jain’s home town Gujarat (India). This also reduces the company’s carbon foot print.


Where did the drive to create an ethical brand come from?

I have worked with multiple multinational brands and have always had a problem with the way factories treat their workers. While there are people running a brand seamlessly from their perfect offices, people in these production facilities aren’t treated fairly. Pay, working conditions and other factors are only a few issues that need to be tackled. Another issue is currently state of the industry and the incline towards fast fashion. Essentially, although customers love to follow trends, the rate at which they have been discarding clothes is very high. Clothes are meant to be treasured and have a life span which is completely ignored in today’s date. By making clothes that last longer, we encourage our customers to treat them right and help maintain their durability.

What does ethical fashion mean to your company?

We believe that every person involved in the cycle of even a single garment produced has the right to life a fair life; from the farmer who grows our cotton, to the customer who is going to wear the piece of clothing. We use organic cotton and herbal/GOTS dyes to ensure the safety of the environment as well as the people involved. We have a strict policy for zero waste and use up every scrap.

Tana Riri

What is the inspiration and the story behind your latest collection? 

Our monsoon collection “Malhaar” is an ode to two sisters, Tana and Riri. “Malhaar”, a classical Indian raga, had the power to induce rain. According to the legend, Tana and Riri were two sisters who performed the raga flawlessly and taught the great musician Tansen how to perform it as well.  This collection reflects feminine power and maturity through a contrast between the subtlety of white and boldness of red.  A transformation from summer to monsoon and innocence to maturity. The Pasithea Woman knows how to be fragile, yet powerful.


Do you have any tips from our readers to shop more consciously?

I believe that whichever piece of clothing you buy, if treated well, it will last longer. When I personally shop, I try to buy pure fabrics like cotton because it is important to consider recycling. Buying vintage is always a sustainable option since you’ll know how long the garment has already lasted.

The brand now offers international delivery click here for more.


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