Featured Brand:  Emerging Sustainability Talent Pasithea

Pasithea unlike most brands, has the ability to thoroughly monitor their supply chain and operations because production and sourcing takes place Tanya Jain’s home town Gujarat (India). This also reduces the company’s carbon foot print.... I have worked with multiple multinational brands and have always had a problem with the way factories treat their workers. While there are people running a brand seamlessly from their perfect offices, people in these production facilities aren’t treated fairly. Pay, working conditions and other factors are only a few issues that need to be tackled.

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Featured Ethical Brand: SIKA

With SIKA, my goal has always been to prove that it is possible to run a self-sustaining clothing line and manufacturing business which has social and environmental principles at its core - paying fair wages, providing needed social services, a pleasant place of work and a commitment to limit its environmental impact. We work specifically with women in Accra (Ghana) as they are the main breadwinners of the families we interact with in the Ghanaian community. 

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Top 5 Steps To Becoming a Conscious Fashion Shopper

Reality hit me when I took a Buying and Merchandising unit at University - it was like being slapped in the face with a wet fish! I wasn’t a smart shopper, I was every fashion retailers dream customer. The big red sale sign that says “Up to 70% OFF” is an illusion. Here's what actually happened...

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